Internet Banking FAQ's

Login Page
  1. What if I forget the Customer Id?

    The Customer Id is nothing but the CIF provided while opening the A/c, which would be mentioned in the welcome Kit or Debit card.

  2. What if I forget my Nickname?

    Login to your Net banking using your user id (CIF number), go to 'MY PROFILE' and can check login nickname already created. Your nickname should have at least one alphabet and one digit.

  3. What if I forget my Password/PIN?

    You can create new passwords through forgot password link provided on the login page instantly. For creating passwords online, you should have mobile number which is registered with the bank for receiving one time authorization code and active debit card with you.

  4. I have not registered for Net banking earlier? How do I do that now?

    Please click on 'Instant Registration' link provided in the login page for registering online for net banking service. For doing this, you should have mobile number which is registered with the bank for receiving one time authorization code and active debit card with you. After completing the process, you can login to net banking after 24 hours to see all your relationship

  5. What if I am not used Net banking for more than 180 days?

    If you have not used Net banking for more than 180 days, you can still login using your existing password. If you don't remember your existing password , please click on 'Forgot password' and generate a new password.

  6. Will I be able to view all my Accounts with Kotak Mahindra Bank in single login?

    Yes, you can view all the accounts which are tagged to your CIF number which is being used by you to access Kotak Mahindra Bank internet banking service.

  7. In the first time login, what happens if I disagree on the terms and condition?

    You cannot login to Kotak Mahindra Bank net banking.

  8. Should the login & Transaction passwords be different from each other?

    Yes, both login & Transaction passwords should be different from each other.

  9. Can I change my password whenever required?

    Yes, you can change the password when ever required. Click on MY PROFILE > Change password.

  10. Is it required to change my transaction password whenever I change Login password or vice-versa?

    Not required. You can change these passwords independently whenever you wish to change.

  11. What if I enter wrong login / transaction password for more the 3 times?

    The password would get locked after 3 wrong attempts. Call Phone banking @ 1800-425-9900 to unlock the same or you can create new passwords by using "FORGOT PASSWORD" functionality provided if you are having Mobile No., registered with the Bank and Active Debit card Alternatively, you can visit your nearest Kotak Mahindra Bank Branch and get InstaPIN to set new passwords.

Instant registration
  1. What is Instant Registration?

    Through this link, you can register yourself for Kotak Mahindra Bank internet banking service online and create login and transaction passwords instantly and login to net banking after 24 hours.

  2. What is required for using Instant registration?

    You should have active debit card and mobile number registered with the bank for receiving online authentication code.

  3. What if I don't have any Debit card?

    Please call phone banking @ 1800-425-9900 to place a request for getting PIN Mailer, which will be sent within 4-5 days to your Mailing address as per Bank records. After receipt of the PIN Mailer you can access Kotak Mahindra Bank internet banking with the new passwords as per PIN Mailer. Else, you can walk in to any of our nearest branche of Kotak Mahindra Bank and collect INSTA PIN which can used to login to Kotak Mahindra Bank net banking after 24 hours.

Forgot Password
  1. What is Forgot password?

    Through this module, you can create your login and transaction passwords instantly and can login to net banking immediately with these passwords.

  2. Can I generate password online if my CIF /User id is disabled?

    No. You should get your user id activated by calling phone banking @ 1800-425-9900 and after your ID is activated, you can generate passwords online by using FORGOT PASSWORD functionality.

Virtual keypad
  1. What is Virtual keypad?

    A pictorial representation of your normal keyboard on-screen.

  2. How is it safer than the passwords entered by normal Keyboard?

    When you enter password though your normal keyboard, both the password and the sequence of entry of the password remain constant, allowing advanced hackers to know your password.

    If you are using a cyber cafe, your keyboard may have a key-logger that records all the keys that you enter. A virtual keyboard simply bypasses these devices!

  3. Why has Kotak Mahindra Bank introduced this on its web site?

    Your safety matters to us! We are constantly re-inventing ourselves to provide you better and safer features

Fund Transfer
  1. What are the charges and limit for NEFT and RTGS through internet banking?

    No charges at present. Fund transfer through NEFT & RTGS facility comes to you free of cost. Limit: Rs.10.00 lac / day.

  2. What are the charges and limit for Fund transfer within Kotak Mahindra Bank A/c?

    No charges at present. This service is free. Limit: Rs.10.00 lac / day.

  3. How can transfer funds to third party account within Kotak Mahindra Bank or to any other bank in India?

    Account Details of the person, whom you want to transfer the funds to, need to be added as Beneficiary under the option - Fund Transfer > Add / modify beneficiary, before effecting the funds transfer

  4. What are timings for NEFT / RTGS transactions to be executed on the same day?

    RTGS Kotak Mahindra Bank Vysya Cut-Off
    Weekdays (Mon to Fri) 09.00 to 16:15 Hrs
    Saturdays 09.00 to 13:15 Hrs

    NEFT Kotak Mahindra Bank Vysya Cut-Off
    Weekdays (Mon to Fri) 09.00 to 18:25 Hrs
    Saturdays 09.00 to 12:25 Hrs
  5. Can I schedule my transfer on a future date?


  6. Can I place Standing instructions (Recurring transfers) for Funds Transfer on Kotak Mahindra Bank net banking?

    Yes. You can place a Standing instruction for fund transfers to the accounts within Kotak Mahindra Bank only. However, Standing Instructions are not allowed for RTGS/NEFT Transfers.

  7. What should I do, if my scheduled transfer is not executed?

    You will receive SMS alert informing that your scheduled fund transfer has failed and you can login and do online fund transfer immediately.

  8. Can I carry out fund transfer through Joint A/c?

    Yes, you can carry out Fund transfer from Joint account if you have transactional rights on the account.

  9. While transferring funds through Joint A/c, how will the other holder get intimated on the same?

    All the other joint holders will get an SMS informing that one of the joint holders has initiated a transaction and he has to login to net banking and approve. He has to login to net banking and approve the pending transaction shown under Approve transfer. Pl note that the transfers thro' the accounts with joint operation is possible only when all the joint account holders of the account are having access to Kotak Mahindra Bank Net Banking. Even if one joint holder is not having Kotak Mahindra Bank Net Banking access, the said account can't be operated thro' Kotak Mahindra Bank Net Banking.

  10. What is OTAC?

    OTAC – One time activation code. OTAC is sent to your mobile number registered with the bank, for certain critical activities like Add Beneficiary, On-line password generation etc.

  11. How will receive the OTAC?

    OTAC would be sent to your Mobile no., registered with the Bank.

  12. What if my mobile number is not registered?

    Login to Kotak Mahindra Bank Net banking, select 'MY PROFILE' > click on update now link against Mobile number. The Phone banking team would call you for authorization. Post authorization the same would be updated in our records with the Bank. Pl note that you can't perform certain critical transactions, if your mobile no., is not registered with the Bank.

  13. What if I don't receive the OTAC?

    You can regenerate OTAC after 60 minutes.

  14. Can the OTAC received be utilized at any point of time required?

    No, the OTAC received would be expired within 60 minutes. However, after the OTAC is expired, the same can be regenerated.

  15. What if I don't enter the OTAC while adding beneficiary?

    The Beneficiary name which is pending for OTAC entry will get deleted after the End of the Day and you have to initiate the transaction once again.

  16. Suppose I have created Beneficiary and not entered OTAC within 60 minutes? How will I get new OTAC for same Beneficiary?

    Use regenerate password link to get a new OTAC.

  17. Suppose I add N number of beneficiary at the same time and receive N number of OTAC, How will I identify appropriately?

    The OTAC SMS sent to you on your registered mobile will carry reference which is shown to you on the screen to enable you to identify which OTAC is related to which beneficiary authorization.

  18. Is the OTAC case sensitive?

    No, OTAC is not case sensitive.

  19. How will I update my New Mobile number / E-mail id?

    Log into Net banking, Select MY PROFILE > click Update now link against Mobile number. Phone banking would call you for authorization post which the Mobile number/E-mail id would reflect in your records with Bank.

  20. What is the time taken for updating my New Mobile number / E-mail id?

    Once you have updated it online, you would receive the authorization call within 7 working days. Post complete authorization by Phone banking. The details updated would reflect in your records with Bank.

  21. Why should I wait until the Customer care executive to call and Authorize my Mobile number / E-mail id when I updated the information online?

    To avoid fraudulent activities and for security reasons against your account. Phone banking would call for authorization.

  22. What if I want to modify / delete any of my existing beneficiaries?

    Yes, you can modify/delete the existing beneficiaries. Select Fund transfer > Add/ Modify beneficiary > View/Modify beneficiaries. However, please note that you will be allowed to modify only NICK Name while modifying the Beneficiary. If any other details are to be modified, pl note to delete the existing beneficiary and you need to create another beneficiary with the revised details.

  23. Can I place request for DD online?

    Yes, you can place request for DD online.

  24. How can I change my address?

    Mailing / Temporary address for a particular account can be changed in Net banking, Select My profile > update now against Address option.

  25. What is Sub limit?

    Sub limit is the Limit set for financial transactions done through Net banking, where you can have control over your funds against online financial transactions, as you cannot transfer funds beyond the limit set by you here. This limit is a percentage of Available Balance of Account from which the funds are transferred.

  26. Is the Sub limit based on Daily or Monthly basis?

    Sub limit is valid till you change your existing sub limit.

  27. Is the sub limit is based on individual account or Customer Id (CIF)?

    Sub limit is based on Customer id (CIF) and is applicable to each financial transaction you do on Kotak Mahindra Bank internet banking.

Credit Card
  1. How can I pay my Credit card through Net banking?

    You have to register the credit card details in Net banking. Select Credit cards > Add/modify credit card.

  2. Are there any charges for Credit card paid through Net banking when compared to the existing features?

    No, there are no charges for making credit card payment.

  3. Is there any limit for payment of Credit card issued by Kotak Mahindra Bank?

    There is no separate limit for making credit card payment. All your financial transactions are limited to sub limit set by you and in case your sub limit is 100%, then the daily cap for making fund transfers will be applicable.

  4. Can I register and pay any BANK Credit card?

    Yes, you can pay other bank's credit cards by way of NEFT/RTGS Transactions thro' Kotak Mahindra Bank Net banking by adding the card as beneficiary under fund transfer menu. However, pl ensure with issuer Bank of your credit cards, whether the Bank is accepting the payment thro' NEFT/RTGS.

  5. What is the time line for processing the Credit card payment issued by Kotak Mahindra Bank VYSYA BANK?

    You should make payment of your Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card before 3 days of your due date.

  1. 1) Can I book my FD online?

    Yes, you can book FD online, select Deposits > Open deposit.

  2. Can I pre-close my FD online?

    Yes, you can pre-close the FD online either fully or partially as per the requirement. However, Recurring deposits can't be pre-closed on-line.

  3. Can I place a request for TDS certificate?


  4. Would I be able to open a FD from Joint A/c?

    Yes. For doing this, the FD request placed by you should be authorized by the other joint holders as per the mode of operation of account. However, please note that all the joint account holders should have Kotak Mahindra Bank Net Banking access.

  5. How would the other A/c holder get intimated on the FD opened from Joint A/c?

    The other A/c holder would be intimated through SMS, as soon as you place a request for opening FD in Net banking.

  6. Can I close the FD partially?

    Yes. Through your Kotak Mahindra Bank internet banking platform you have this facility of partial withdrawal from your fixed deposit. However, please note that all the accounts are not eligible for part-withdrawal. Accounts which are eligible for part-withdrawal will only appear under this option.

  7. Are there any charges applicable while opening the FD through Net banking?

    No. This service comes to you free of cost.

  8. What is the time line for booking online FD?

    The request for opening FD through net banking is online and instant. After you complete placing your request for booking FD, just go to home page to refresh the balances and your new FD created just now is shown under 'Deposits' menu.

Bill pay
  1. What is bill payment through Kotak Mahindra Bank internet banking?

    Through your Kotak Mahindra Bank net banking, you can pay your bills online or you can scheduled your bills for payment or you can pay your bills online

  2. What is View & Pay Service on Kotak Mahindra Bank Bill Pay?

    View & Pay is an extremely simple, convenient and secure way to view and pay your bills. You can view and pay your electricity, telephone, cellular, insurance and other bills using your Kotak Mahindra Bank Account.

  3. How do I register and make payments through Kotak Mahindra Bank Bill Pay?

    Login to Kotak Mahindra Bank Internet banking, click on Bill Pay menu shown on the top MENU bar. Go to My Bills > Add biller/ Instant pay option and choose the category of biller and name of the biller and enter all mandatory information of the biller you wish to register online. Once done, you will get an immediate e-mail confirmation that you have registered so and so biller.

    Depending on the terms of the biller, you can also use this service to make part payments or interim payments to some billers (e.g. for your cell phone etc). The payment page of the individual billers outlines the flexibility offered by that specific biller for your payment, viz. in terms of payments beyond due dates, part payments etc. You need to make your payments in conformity with those terms.

    You will need to ensure that the biller registration details entered by you are correct to enable the billers to raise your bills.

  4. How many billing companies, can I register for?

    There is no restriction on the number of billers that you can register for as long as the biller is from the list provided.

  5. When can I start paying my bills through this facility?

    Subject to correct submission of the biller details by you, all your bills from the cycle, next to the date of registration of the biller, will get presented in the Kotak Mahindra Bank net banking. You can login and pay your bills any time once it is presented. In case any of your biller addition gets rejected you will be able to view the status when you log in.

  6. How will I know that my bill has been received at Kotak Mahindra Bank Bill Pay?

    You will receive an e-mail/sms alert every time your bill is received. Login into your account, check the amount and make payment.

  7. Is there a fee?

    This facility is being provided to customers free of cost.

  8. By when should I make my bill payments?

    To ensure that your payments arrive before a due date and to avoid late payment charges, you need to make your payment at least 5 working days before the bill due date

  9. Once I pay the bill, when will my account get debited and when will the utility company receive my payment?

    On payment of the bill your account will get immediately debited online and the payment is sent to the utility company by the next working day. The same will get credited to your utility account within next 3 working days time.

  10. What proof of payment do I have when I pay through Kotak Mahindra Bank Bill pay?

    When your payment has been successfully made, you get a reference number for your transaction. Your Kotak Mahindra Bank Account statement will also include the details of your transaction under Instant pay transaction.

  11. Will I still receive my physical bill?

    You will continue to receive your Physical bill even after registering for the service with us.

  12. How do I stop a payment after it has been made?

    You cannot stop Bill payment once made through Kotak Mahindra Bank net banking. You should contact your biller.

Online shopping
  1. What is online shopping?

    Online shopping is purchasing any commodity / service on Merchant website using your Kotak Mahindra Bank Internet banking service.

  2. Should I register for Online shopping through Kotak Mahindra Bank?

    No, there is no separate registration required for using this service. But you should be active on Kotak Mahindra Bank net banking service to do online shopping transactions.

  3. What is the process for carrying out an Online Shopping transaction?

    You should login to merchant's website where you wish to buy goods / services and choose mode of payment as 'net banking' and bank name – 'Kotak Mahindra Bank' you will land on the login page of Kotak Mahindra Bank net banking, login using your user id & password, choose the account for debiting the amount payable to merchant for your purchase and authorize the transaction by entering transaction password, OTAC and submit. You are done with your online shopping. End to end path while doing online shopping:

    Select goods > payment mode- 'Net banking' > select Kotak Mahindra Bank Bank> you will get login page of Kotak Mahindra Bank internet banking > Enter your login credentials > chose the account to debit, enter transaction password > submit > OTAC (would be sent to registered Mobile no.) > submit > transaction is completed.

  4. What if I don't receive OTAC for Online shopping transaction?

    IF you don't receive the OTAC, first verify the Mobile no. registered with the Bank. If registered and still not received the OTAC, please call our Phone Banking @ 1800-425-9900 and report the issue to avoid any such failures in future.

  5. Can I get a confirmation of the online shopping transaction?

    SMS alert would be sent to your registered Mobile number once the transaction amount is debited in your account and you can verify the transaction in Kotak Mahindra Bank NET Banking under today's transactions.

  6. What If my Online shopping transaction is Rejected?

    If the Online shopping transaction is rejected the amount will be credited to your Account within 3-5 working days, if not please report to Phone banking @ 1800-425-9900.