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We are committed to make banking easier for you. Our new and improved Net Banking platform will offer new features and enhancements such as a single view of all your Banking relationships, improved Bill Pay service, RTGS with increased limits, Instant/sched​uled transactions, instant booking of Fixed Deposits/Recurring Deposits, Quick Mobile/DTH recharge and much more…

Bank from anywhere quickly and comfortably

With your Net Banking Customer ID and Password, you can bank from any location. Save considerable time and effort with this convenient facility.

Improved look and feel with a single view dashboard

Improved look and feel with a single view dashboard of your Banking relationships 

Our's new Net Banking module has undergone aesthetic and functional changes to offer an enhanced user experience. The home page dashboard, for instance, provides a view of all your linked savings account, deposit account, demat account, investment account, as well as loans and payments. You can also opt for an online demonstration to make your way around the new module more easily.

Register for ING Vysya's (now Kotak) e-banking facility instantly

No more visiting branches and filling up forms. Our Net Banking lets you to register directly. All you need to have is your Registered Mobile Number and your Debit card with you at the time of registration. You can get registered in 3 easy steps. Your account will be activated within 24 hours.

Transactions made easier and faster

  • Open/Close FDs booked online. Open RDs online
  • Auto schedule and pay your utility bills, subscription bills, etc online
  • Make Scheduled transfers on a future date for regular payments
  • Shop online

Link different accounts-loans, demat, investments and credit card

  • Track your loans, Credit cards, Demat and investments by linking them to our
    Net Banking
  • Make investments and manage them on our integrated Wealth Management Solution

Secure online banking

Be at ease while using Net Banking platform. It offers secure logins and transactions. Best password practices, automatic lock-ins following three failed login attempts, and virtual keyboard option are some of the security features that make online banking safer.

Register instantly

No more visiting branches and filling up forms. Our Net Banking lets you to register online. All you need to have is your Registered Mobile Number and your Debit card with you at the time of registration. You can get registered in 3 easy steps. Your account will be activated within 24 bill payments.

  1. Log on to, select the “Net banking” option under "ING Vysya (now Kotak) Logins" dropdown
  2. Select the “Register Now”/”Instant Registration” option and register yourself in
    3 easy steps*. Please have your Debit card and Registered Mobile Number with you when registering for Netbanking

Who can use it?

You need to have an Individual Account with us. You need to do a
Self-Registration to start using the service. Terms and Conditions apply.

What you need to do self-Registration?

To register, you need (a) A mobile phone number that is already registered with us (b) A valid debit card. These details help us  to identify you. If you need any help with meeting this requirement, just call 1800-425-9900 for assistance.

How does it work?

You can proceed to create your Internet Banking account with your debit card and the mobile phone number registered with the bank. As the first step to accessing your savings or fixed deposits account online, you will need to fill in the following information: 

  1. Your CIF or customer identification number (this will be mentioned on your debit card / passbook / cheque book)
  2. Your date of birth in the mentioned format
  3. Your 19-digit or 16-digit Debit Card Number

After submitting these details, you will receive the OTAC (one time authorization code) on your registered mobile phone. You will then need to enter this code, which will be validated. Following validation, you have to enter your debit card number, debit card expiry date and PIN. This will be validated against the bank's data; and upon validation, you can proceed to create your login and transaction password.

You can log in to your Internet Banking account with your newly created password, after 24 hours of registering the account. You can carry out transactions or check your fixed term deposit online from the comfort of your home or office.

What is Transaction password?

Your Transaction Password is an additional security element that validates your authenticity. You will set your Login and Transaction Password during Registration.

Bank confidently and securely

If login password is entered wrongly 3 consecutive times, the Net Banking platform will get locked for the day for that account, and no one will be able to access it. Several other measures are in place to ensure that your financial information remains secure so that you can bank confidently with us.

Make payments within your own accounts and other accounts within Bank

Our Net Banking allows you to make transfers within your own accounts (i.e. accounts linked to the same Customer ID), other accounts with our Bank. You can also schedule a transfer and place standing instructions (this includes recurring transfers).

Transfer money to other bank accounts using NEFT, RTGS and IMPS

Funds can also be transferred to other banks through NEFT (National electronic funds Transfer) or RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) or IMPS (Immediate Payment Service). Please bear in mind that the minimum transaction limit via RTGS is Rs.2 lacs and above only. Both NEFT and RTGS transactions would be processed on the same day if initiated before the cut-off time. NEFT/RTGS can also be scheduled for a future date. IMPS is a 24x7 service and transaction initiated via IMPS is credited to the Beneficiary account instantly

RTGS Cut-Off
Weekdays (Mon to Fri)  09.00 to 16:15 Hrs
Saturdays 09.00 to 13:45 Hrs
NEFT Customer  Cut-Off 
Weekdays (Mon to Fri) 08.00 to 18:30 Hrs 
Saturdays  08.00 to 12:30 Hrs 

Higher limits of Funds Transfer

The limit on all types of funds transfers - within your own account, other accounts within Bank and  NEFT/RTGS - has now increased to upto 10 lacs per day.

Conduct transactions through your joint account

Our Net Banking allows you to carry out funds transfer from a jointly operated account depending on the MOP (Mode of Operation) of that particular account from which the transfer is made. Suppose one of the account holders carries out a transfer, the other holder would be intimated about it through SMS. The other holder should login to his/her internet banking account and approve that transfer. Post approval of all the joint account holders, the transfer would be completed and transferred to the beneficiary.

Limit your online financial transaction using our personalized sub-limit functionality

Limit your online financial transaction using our personalized sub-limit functionality

The new sub-limit function enables you to limit your financial transactions to a percentage of your clear balance or to a fixed amount i.e. 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% or Rs.10000. This functionality is completely online and you can change the sub limit immediately if required.

FAQ's on Cooling Period

1. What is a cooling period?

Cooling period is the time set by the bank during which fund transfer is allowed only up to Rs 20,000/- (cooling period limit) to a newly added/modified beneficiary. Cooling Period of 12 hours is applicable to all newly added/modified Beneficiaries. Beneficiary modification/deletion is not allowed during cooling period

2. What is the duration of cooling period?

Currently the bank has set 12 hours as the cooling period i.e. transfer only up to Rs 20,000/- is allowed within 12 hours of Beneficiary creation.

3. What is the transaction limit to a newly added Beneficiary during cooling Period

Currently the bank has set Rs 20,000/- as cooling period limit i.e. transfers only up to Rs 20,000/- can be done to a newly added beneficiary during cooling Period

4. Can I initiate multiple transfers to a beneficiary during cooling period

Yes. You can initiate multiple transfers to a newly added/modified beneficiary but the transaction amount in total should not exceed Rs 20,000.

5. Can I schedule future dated transaction for a beneficiary during cooling Period?

No! Future dated transactions cannot be scheduled during cooling Period of a newly added Beneficiary. You can schedule future dated transaction after cooling Period of the Beneficiary only.

6. Can I modify or delete a Beneficiary during the cooling Period?

Beneficiary modification or deletion is not allowed during cooling period.

7. How will I come to know about the completion of the cooling period for a beneficiary?

Cooling Period for the beneficiary added/modified will be automatically removed after 12 hours of Beneficiary creation.

8. Is there a limit to the number of beneficiaries added in a day?

No. At present, there is no restriction on the number of beneficiaries added in a day.

9. I got SMS or Email about beneficiary addition, which is actually not added by me. Should I inform the bank?

Yes. If you receive a message of beneficiary addition which is actually not added by you, please inform  our Phone Banking at 18004259900, immediately.

10.  Does the cooling period affect the Transfers within own account?

No. Cooling period is applicable only for Third party, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS (via A/C no., IFSC) transactions.

11.  Does the cooling period affect E commerce transactions?

No. Cooling period will not affect E commerce transactions and addition of billers in “Bill Pay” section.

Stop worrying about long queues or missing dues dates, now pay your bills instantly online with Bill Payment services on Net banking. You can pay your electricity, telephone, mobile, credit card and other bills with Bill Pay services. 

Further, there is no transaction or processing fee for bill payments done via Net Banking. There are 200+ billers for you to choose from and make payments

Quick registration

Registering your bills are easy 
Login to Net Banking and click on Bill Pay. Click on add biller link and choose from the list of billers. Enter your details and click submit.
You will get an immediate e-mail confirmation of your biller registration
You will need to ensure that the biller registration details entered by you are correct to enable the billers to raise your bills. Your bill details will be available from the next billing cycle. You can do adhoc payment provided the biller accepts adhoc/partial payment.

Steps to pay your bills online

Step 1: Log in to Net Banking
Log in Net Banking with your user id and password and click on Bill Pay link. (In case you have not yet signed up for ING (now Kotak) Net Banking, click on Instant Registration on Net Banking login page)
Step 2: Register your Biller
Click on “Add Biller” link and select your biller from the dropdown to register
Step 3: Start paying Online
Bills will be raised from the next billing cycle. Click on “Pay bill” link against the biller once the bills are raised to pay your bill.  You can also do Adhoc payment for selected billers by clicking on “Pay now” link against the biller

View Demo for Bill Payment


Instant online bill payment

Fill in your biller information and pay the bill amount in full or partial immediately. You have multiple biller options to choose from.

These include utility payments, i.e. mobile, electricity and telephone bills, insurance premiums, mutual fund payments, magazine subscriptions, donations to charity organizations, etc.

Enjoy the ease and convenience of making instant payments and delete or add billers as per your requirements at any time and place.


Option to schedule payments

To avoid forgetting your monthly bills payment or risking late payment charges, opt for Auto pay facility in bill pay service.

All you need to do is setup auto pay for the biller, and the corresponding bill amount(s) will be debited from your account 4 working days prior to last payment date.

Bill payment alerts via E-mail and SMS

It is important that you are up to date with your payments. It is equally critical that you are aware of the payment status and that the payment is acknowledged through bill receipts.

Our Net Banking features help you keep track of payments and make it much easier on you.

Get alerts on your cellphone or via e-mail, reminding you of important biller and payment related information. This includes any modifications you have made to your biller status, new bill receipts, auto payment information, etc.


Payment information and history

You can pull up your payment history for any period over the previous year. The platform also shows your last five bill payments by default and the billers (plus bill amounts) scheduled for auto payments.

FAQ’s on Bill Pay service

What is Bill Pay Service?
ING Bill pay is an extremely simple, convenient and secure way to view and pay your bills via Net Banking. You can view and pay your electricity, telephone, cellular, insurance and other bills using your Vysya Bank Account. You can do all this from the comfort of your house or office, over the Internet - any time, any place.

What are the benefits of Bill Pay service?
Paying bills with Bill Pay simplifies your life. Your payments are made quickly and conveniently, and you no longer have to track multiple utility bills, write multiple checks or balance your checkbook.
How many billing companies, can I register for? 
There is no restriction on the number of billers that you can register for as long as the biller is from the list provided.

For more FAQ's please click here
No more tax woes, no more queues. Now pay your Direct or Indirect taxes online through Net banking.
Login to Bank Net banking, register your PAN, TAN or Assessee code and start paying your tax.

What’s more, you can save the Challan for future reference.

Types of taxes

 Direct Taxes
ITNS 280: Income Tax & Corporation Tax
ITNS 281: Tax Deducted at Source / Tax Collected at Source (TDS/TCS) from corporates or non-corporates
ITNS 282: Payment of Security Transaction Tax, Hotel Receipts Tax, Estate Duty, Interest Tax, Wealth Tax, Expenditure Tax /Other direct taxes & Gift tax
ITNS 283: Payment of Banking Cash Transaction Tax and Fringe Benefits Tax
 Indirect Taxes
Central Excise Tax 
Service Tax

How to Register

  • Login to Net Banking
  • Register for a particular Tax code. 
  • For Central Excise and Service, registration is instant.
  • For ITNS 280, 281, 282 and 283 it usually takes 1 day to register the PAN or TAN.


Once registration is successful, proceed to Tax Payment. Payment and Challan receipt take at least 1 working day.

If the Mode of Operation is Maker-Approver, the approver needs to approve the transaction.
Once the payment is successful, Challan could be downloaded as PDF.

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